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Leon Lajat

Leon Lajat

Meat & Seafood Senior Manager

Leon's Story

Thunder Bay, Ontario

What do you love most about your role with Foster's Food Fair, Ltd.?
I love the weekly challenges of working in retail on an island. I also love training and developing our team and seeing them grow while taking on new roles and challenges. Working in such a diverse culture allows us to present global products and trends to our customers.

What is your all-time favorite meal?
As a meat lover, I would have to say a BBQ Certified Angus Beef prime rib steak. But I recall a meal I had in Vancouver years ago - we caught a Steel Head salmon, seasoned it with herbs, garlic, and butter and wrapped in tin foil before BBQing it. We had fresh squash hollowed out and filled with veggies. The meal ended with a freshly pick blackberry pie….heaven.