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Lay's Stax image
Lay's Stax

Selected Varieties

$1.29 Save $0.90
Weekly Specials image
Weekly Specials

Excelsior Water Crackers image
Excelsior Water Crackers

300 gr.

$1.10 Save $0.69
Chex Mix Bold Party Blend Snacks image
Chex Mix Bold Party Blend Snacks

8.75 oz. Selected Varieties

$2.99 Save $1.50
Distinction Sweetened Condensed Milk image
Distinction Sweetened Condensed Milk

397 g.

$1.09 Save $0.40
Vita Coco Coconut Milk image
Vita Coco Coconut Milk

34 oz. Selected Varieties

$3.09 Save $1.10
Sparkling Ice Sparkling Water image
Sparkling Ice Sparkling Water

17 oz. Selected Varieties

$.89 Save $0.50
Mighty Muscadine Juice image
Mighty Muscadine Juice

10 oz.

$.99 Save $0.20
Nestle UHT Milk image
Nestle UHT Milk

1 lt. Low Fat

$1.29 Save $0.60
Grace Coconut Milk Powder image
Grace Coconut Milk Powder

1.76 oz.

$.59 Save $0.30
Domino Pure Cane Sugar image
Domino Pure Cane Sugar

4 lb.

$2.29 Save $0.60
Hunt's Tomato Ketchup image
Hunt's Tomato Ketchup

20 oz.

$1.99 Save $0.60
Vita Malt image
Vita Malt

330 ml. 6 pk. Selected Varieties

$6.99 Save $3.00
Brunswick Sardines image
Brunswick Sardines

106 gr. Selected Varieties

$1.39 Save $0.60
Chloro-Do Bleach image
Chloro-Do Bleach

2 lt.

$3.29 Save $1.00
Brut Deoderant Solid image
Brut Deoderant Solid

2.5 oz. Original

$1.99 Save $0.70
Bounty Paper Towels image
Bounty Paper Towels

6 ct. Select a Size

$9.49 Save $1.50
WJ 1
WJ 1" Round Ring View Binder

ea. White

$1.89 Save $0.60
Equaline Mouthrinse image
Equaline Mouthrinse

33.8 oz. Selected Varieties

$2.59 Save $1.00
Insette Body Spray image
Insette Body Spray

150 ml. Selected Varieties

$.99 Save $1.00
Bowl Fresh Toilet Bowl Deodorizer image
Bowl Fresh Toilet Bowl Deodorizer


$.89 Save $0.50
Jergens Hand & Body Lotion image
Jergens Hand & Body Lotion

10 oz. Selected Varieties

$2.39 Save $0.90
Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste image
Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste

6 oz.

$2.09 Save $0.80
Not Milk Plant-Based Milk Alternative image
Not Milk Plant-Based Milk Alternative

64 oz. Selected Varieties

$5.29 Save $0.70
Califia Farms Almondmilk Iced Coffee image
Califia Farms Almondmilk Iced Coffee

10.5 oz. Selected Varieties

$5.29 Save $0.70
Brew Dr. Organic Komucha image
Brew Dr. Organic Komucha

14 oz. Selected Varieties

$3.59 Save $0.80
Dah! Almond Yogurt image
Dah! Almond Yogurt

5.3 oz. Selected Varieties

$3.29 Save $0.70
Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream image
Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream

48 oz. Selected Varieties

$4.49 Save $0.80
Boxed Sticky Toffee Pudding image
Boxed Sticky Toffee Pudding

12 oz.

2/$10.00 Save $7.60 on 2
Goya Mixed Vegetables image
Goya Mixed Vegetables

16 oz.

$1.99 Save $0.30
Pictsweet Farms Cut Okra image
Pictsweet Farms Cut Okra

28 oz.

$3.99 Save $0.60
TJ Farms Select Blueberries image
TJ Farms Select Blueberries

10 oz.

$1.29 Save $0.60
Lender's Bagels image
Lender's Bagels

6 ct. Selected Varieties

$2.69 Save $1.20
Ratio Protein Yogurt image
Ratio Protein Yogurt

5.30 oz. Selected Varieties

$1.59 Save $0.70
Organic Valley Free Range Eggs image
Organic Valley Free Range Eggs

1 doz. Extra Large

$5.69 Save $0.90
Simply Almond Almondmilk image
Simply Almond Almondmilk

46 oz. Selected Varieties

$3.99 Save $2.20
Dole Juices image
Dole Juices

59 oz. Selected Varieties

$3.29 Save $1.10
Hershey's Milkshakes image
Hershey's Milkshakes

12 oz. Selected Varieties

$1.39 Save $1.10
Strawberries image

1 lb. Clamshell

Red or Green Seedless Grapes image
Red or Green Seedless Grapes


$3.29 lb.
Blueberries image

6 oz. Fresh, Clamshell

Green Onions image
Green Onions

Fresh, Bunch

Organic Black Plums image
Organic Black Plums


$3.29 lb.
Tomato On The Vine image
Tomato On The Vine


$2.29 lb.
Limes image


Head-On Shrimp image
Head-On Shrimp

Previously Frozen

$5.99 lb. Save $1.50
Salmon Fillets image
Salmon Fillets

Farm Raised, Jet Fresh 3 Times Weekly

$13.49 lb. Save $3.50
Whole Lane Snappers image
Whole Lane Snappers


$7.59 lb. Save $1.40
Sea Pro Mackerel Fillets image
Sea Pro Mackerel Fillets

16 oz. Salted, Boned

$5.49 Save $1.00
Pork Loin Chops image
Pork Loin Chops

Bone-In, Assorted, USDA Inspected

$2.69 lb. Save $0.60
Seasoned New Zealand Lamb Chops image
Seasoned New Zealand Lamb Chops

Oven Ready Seasoned and Prepared

$14.99 lb. Save $15.00
Bone in Rib Steaks image
Bone in Rib Steaks

Certified Angus Beef

$14.99 lb. Save $4.50
New Zealand Lamb Loin Chops image
New Zealand Lamb Loin Chops


$10.99 lb. Save $4.00
The Best Dressed Chicken Chicken Drumsticks image
The Best Dressed Chicken Chicken Drumsticks

4.4 lb. Bag

$13.49 Save $2.00
Tyson Sliced Bacon image
Tyson Sliced Bacon

16 oz. Thick, Regular or Applewood

$7.49 Save $2.00
Hillshire Lunch Meat image
Hillshire Lunch Meat

16 oz. Selected Varieties, Reusable Tubs

$8.99 Save $1.50
Hillshire Smoked Sausages image
Hillshire Smoked Sausages

14-16 oz. Selected Varieties

$4.29 Save $1.20
Red Cherries image
Red Cherries


$5.89 lb.