Foster's Supermarket
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A family business

In 1980, David Foster identified the need for a modern supermarket on Grand Cayman that provided quality food and a larger selection of items at a lower cost.

With the help of his mother, Alta, and brother, Steve, the trio opened Foster’s Food Fair. The Airport Store, with less than 6,000 square feet and 25 employees, was the beginning of what has become a staple of service and value for the people of the Cayman Islands.



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Our new Camana Bay store has hundreds of new products across every department!
Want to find out what we have in store?
See the link in our bio!
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare Need some Thanksgiving recipe inspo?
We can help!
See the link in our bio for our 20 favorite Thanksgiving recipes, like these Cranberry Brie Bites!
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare All Foster's locations will be open 9 am - 6 pm today, for Remembrance Day.
#FostersCayman Check out this amazing innovative way to use zucchini for the holiday season, introducing, Zucchini Cookies!

This recipe is featured on our fall vegetable blog, along with many other creative recipes for 5 different vegetables! Did someone say.. cheese?
The Fromagerie at our Camana Bay store is something dreams are made of!

Whether you're hosting a party or you just want to treat yourself, you need to visit our new and larger cheese range.
#FostersCamanaBay #BetterBecauseWeCare 🧀 It is estimated that 8,000 to 10,000 men will develop testicular cancer each year. 
Testicular cancer is very rare before puberty but becomes more common in a man’s later years. Fortunately, the cure rate for the disease is excellent – greater than 95%. Testicular Cancer usually affects young men between the ages of 15-40 with the average age of diagnosis being 33. However, men who have a family history with the disease and who have been previously diagnosed are more at risk of being diagnosed. Self examine, know your body.

Show your support by doing your research, spreading knowledge and donating for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society at our registers.
Let us handle the cooking this Thanksgiving with holiday dinners for only $79.99!
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#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare 1980.
David Foster identified the need for a modern supermarket on Grand Cayman
With his brother Steve, and his mother Alta’s help
They opened Foster’s Food Fair.

For the first time, fresh, imported food was available.
No more frozen milk.
No more frozen chicken.
No more frozen bread.

A community within a community was born.
A place where everyone could come together
Around one shared experience

We started with a vision
and a deep-rooted desire to provide great customer service
while treating everyone who walked through the front doors
like family

For nearly 39 years
A desire so strong and so real that
we care became our motto
Nearly 700 employees
6 locations
We’re a family-oriented company built on integrity, care, value

Food is the one common ingredient that binds us together.
It breaks down barriers.
Unifies divides.
Bridges gaps.
Food drove change in Cayman back in 1980.
Now, it brings us to the next chapter.

Welcome to Foster’s. November is Movember!

This is a month where awareness is raised for men's health issues, such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health. To do this, men take part in growing their mustaches as a way to show solidarity with victims of cancer who have lost their hair.

Throughout the rest of the month, we will touch base on the rest of men's health issues, and bring to light facts and helpful information to promote awareness. 
Show your support by doing your research, spreading knowledge and donating for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society at our registers. Wanting to spoil a special someone? Or maybe just spoil yourself?
The floral department at our new Camana Bay store has a wide range of fresh flowers (flown in twice a week) perfect for any occasion. 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼 
#FostersCamanaBay #BetterBecauseWeCare The dairy department in our new Camana Bay store is huge!
But, don't be fooled, it doesn't just contain dairy products.
We have an expanded range of lactose & dairy-free, soy, organic, vegetarian, vegan and plant-based products! This is on top of the largest range of Waitrose products found anywhere on island.
Discover it for yourself, Foster's Camana Bay open 7am-11pm Monday to Saturday.
#FostersCamanaBay #BetterBecauseWeCare Introducing a store favorite of ours at the new Foster's Camana Bay.
The Seafood & Oyster Bar. 
Here, we can shuck your oyster and you can select fresh seafood on ice!
You can find this in our meat & seafood department.
#FostersCamanaBay #BetterBecauseWeCare