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A family business

In 1980, David Foster identified the need for a modern supermarket on Grand Cayman that provided quality food and a larger selection of items at a lower cost.

With the help of his mother, Alta, and brother, Steve, the trio opened Foster’s Food Fair. The Airport Store, with less than 6,000 square feet and 25 employees, was the beginning of what has become a staple of service and value for the people of the Cayman Islands.



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Reduce your risk of breast cancer by engaging in a healthy lifestyle and being self-aware. 
It’s as simple as TLC: Touch Look Check
• Touch your breasts: can you feel anything unusual?
• Look for changes: does anything look different?
• Check any changes with your doctor. 
If so, make sure you get checked by your doctor as soon as possible. 
However, keep in mind that not all breast changes are related to cancer, that's why mammograms are recommended for younger women who have a high risk of the disease while showing symptoms.  You can contact the Cayman Breast Cancer Foundation for more information on the mammography facilities in Grand Cayman. 
Show solidarity by spreading awareness today, and rounding up your purchase at our registers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's squash season! Yes, fall is well and truly here.
We have fresh yellow, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash all available in store.
So if you've been holding off on making your favorite squash soup or maybe butternut squash pancakes, it's time to get to it!
Check out our blog on fall vegetables for inspiration and recipes, link in bio.
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Whether you're spending it with your close family or a group of friends, we hope you enjoy your day.  Looking for a last-minute recipe? Check out our Thanksgiving blog.
Link in bio. 
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare Canadian Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away now!
Why not have us help out with a pre-prepared holiday box dinner?
Choose from either a roast turkey or glazed ham, select three side dishes and a freshly baked pie. Perfect!
See the link in our bio for details and to order.  #FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare Have you seen our new uniforms?
What a fresh new look! (Well, that’s what we think) 
The change in our uniform ties in with the continual evolution of our brand.
Our new uniforms are an in-store representation of the inspiring, consistent, and pleasant experience we aim to give our customers.
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare Well, what do we have here? Foodie Buttons, of course!  This October, we're giving customers and team members alike the chance to collect these 12 limited edition buttons made of some food illustrations seen in our recent rebranding. 
Just find a Foster’s Team Member wearing our Foodie Buttons, ask to collect the button with the illustration you want, and watch your foodie buttons pile up! (Only one button can be requested at a time.) They're gonna run out eventually, get a head start on your collection now!  Happy Button Hunting!
Meet Liam, a team member at Foster’s Strand who has been with us for 2 years. 
When asked what he’s enjoyed most whilst working at Foster’s he said “meeting all the different and amazing people, whether that’s the friendly customers or the brilliant team that I work alongside”. Liam’s attitude reflects our brand personality traits, which we’ve been continually developing for the past 39 years. Caring, friendly and knowledgeable, that’s what makes us - Foster’s.
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman Hosting Canadian Thanksgiving? 
How does roast turkey, with a buttery cider glaze, sound?
Check out our blog for this recipe, along with tips and catering options from Foster’s.
Link available in bio.
#FostersCayman #BetterBecauseWeCare We've been developing our brand personality since our first day in 1980. Now, our team represents the core personality traits we, as a company and a brand, portray every day. 
Meet Deborah, one of our friendly Airport store team members. When asked why she loves her role with Foster's, she says Did you know that simply being a woman is the main risk factor for developing breast cancer?  The main reason women are more likely to develop breast cancer is because their breast cells are constantly exposed to the growth-promoting effects of the female hormones - estrogen and progesterone. 
Men can also develop breast cancer, but this disease is about 100 times more common among women than men. 
Show solidarity this Breast Cancer Awareness Month by spreading awareness today, and rounding up your purchase for the Breast Cancer Foundation at our registers. Congratulations to Brandi C, the winner of our Give a Kid Breakfast competition! Thanks to Tropicana & Quaker, Brandi takes home an Apple MacBook Pro 💻. She has also chosen her former school Truth for Youth as the winning school to receive a free breakfast and $1,500 to go towards school or sports equipment of their choice. Thank you to everyone who entered! Hola amigos!
Happy Taco Day 😀