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Weather Conditions Affect Florida Corn Growers

January 22nd, 2016

Following the official Press Release issued earlier this week, Foster’s Food Fair – IGA would like to announce that bad weather has affected Florida corn growers, and high prices into spring will be the likely result.

Following the torrential rains in December, and the rainy, windy weather on January 15th, large scale damage was done in Homestead, Florida. Even if the grower is able to ramp up production again in February, corn prices could stay at, or near their current level until spring production in Belle Glade, Florida.

Farmers have said that the winter rains are worse than having freezes. With freezes, you still have product available.

Mexico’s main growing regions have also been affected by the freeze (Hermosillo). Suppliers are looking at supplementing its Florida winter crop with corn from Mexico, but freight issues have made this impractical.

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