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Up Your Butter Game

Make butter the star of your next dish! Whether it’s a gooey, buttery sweet dessert or a butter-based burger, it’s time to experiment with this dairy classic.
Find our top butter-forward recipes below, along with our favorite butter products that can be found in store (because not all butter is made equal).

If sweet is your thing, then this gooey butter cake could be your new favorite! Easy and quick to prepare, with most (if not all) ingredients most likely already in your pantry.

Plugra premium butter is slow churned, creating a smooth, extra creamy butter. Plus it’s made without artificial ingredients or added hormones. Created with chefs, it includes the perfect amount of butterfat (82%) for amazing baking results.

Super quick to prep and bake, and perfect at breakfast with a bowl of fruit and yogurt. Delicious mix of flavors from the lemon juice, pecans and honey.

Downey’s Honey-Butter range is all-natural and perfect when drizzled over croissants, bagels, muffins, biscuits and artisan breads.

These burgers are all-about butter, being cooked in butter and topped with butter, it’s a dairy-lovers dream. Plus it only takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

Truly Grass-Fed butter – Imported from Ireland, this butter is sweet & creamy, while being vegetarian, kosher and halal. Non-GMO and animal welfare approved, their products are better for both you and their cows.

Brussels sprouts that everyone will eat! Yes, made with fresh lemon zest and butter, giving it a zing while still being deliciously buttery.

Waitrose Duchy Organic Butter – This British organic butter not only tastes great on toast, but is also perfect to cook with! Plus Waitrose follows award-winning animal welfare standards.

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