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The Big Cheese!

The Big Cheese, generally refers to an ‘important person’, but we’re talking about important cheeses (that we’re loving right now!)

Below you’ll find 5 different, delicious cheeses from around the world, we’ve even included a 100% dairy-free cheese.

This medium-aged, mixed milk cheese uses pasteurized cows, goat and sheep milk for a truly unique flavor. Originating from Castilla La Mancha, Spain, this semi-soft cheese is aged for 100 days and is truly a world class cheese. Available at Foster’s Camana Bay in the fromagerie case*.

This creamy, luxurious cheese from the Champagne Ardenne region in France, becomes nuttier and softer as it matures. It’s made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is best enjoyed soft and gooey, after it’s been left out for a bit. A great alternative to brie or camembert. Available at Foster’s Camana Bay in the fromagerie case, and Foster’s Airport in the deli*.

This creamy Dutch gouda is made from rich pasteurized cows milk, and has a strong, full-bodied flavor. Originating from farms in the Netherlands that are 20 feet below sea level, the cheese has sweet caramel notes. Add it to your next cheese platter or it melts well for pizzas and paninis. Available at Foster’s Camana Bay in the fromagerie case and Foster’s Airport in the deli*.

This plant-based cheese is 100% non-dairy, perfect for those of us who are on a vegan diet. Made in Greece, this shredded cheese has big, bold flavor and a sharp savory bite. Plus it melts perfectly, meaning it’s great for pizzas, burgers and more! Available in the vegan/vegetarian chilled section at Foster’s Camana Bay.

This smooth, mild cheese from Waitrose has a distinct nutty and sweet flavor. With its distinct irregular holes, this pasteurized cows milk cheese is perfect in rolls and sandwiches.

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*Dairy Month promotion not applied to fromagerie