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TCP Hot – Recall


Foster’s Supermarket would like to announce that TCP HOT Acquisition LLC dba HRB Brands is voluntarily recalling all lot numbers with expiration dates on or before August 2023 of the Sure and Brut Aerosol Sprays listed in the table below to the consumer level due to the presence of benzene. While benzene is not an ingredient in any of the recalled products, our review showed that unexpected levels of benzene came from the propellant that sprays the product out of the can. These products were owned and distributed by Helen of Troy Limited prior to June 7, 2021.

BrandProduct DescriptionUPCExpiration Date
BrutClassic Antiperspirant Aerosol, 4oz00827755070085On or Before
August 2023
BrutClassic Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz00827755070108
BrutClassic Deodorant Aerosol, 154g00827755070177
BrutClassic Deodorant Aerosol, 10oz00827755070047
SureRegular Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz00883484002025
SureUnscented Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz00883484002278

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Foster’s Supermarket does carry Sure & Brut products and has been affected by this recall. All affected products have been removed from our shelves.

Foster’s are affected by this recall.

For more information regarding this recall, click here.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by email ([email protected]) or by phone (345-945-3663).