5 Best Alternative Uses for Salt

Stay Salty: The 5 Best Alternative Uses for Salt

Along every spice rack or sitting not-too-idly in the cupboard next to a supporting cast of seasonings is one ingredient so widely utilized, that it can be traced in almost every dish- and instantly evident when its flavor is missing.

Salt, cooking’s great equalizer, is known to have the power to balance (and enhance) flavors. But this subtly potent staple has just as much versatility outside of the frying pan than it does on the fire. Here are the 5 best alternative uses of salt in your home:

Scouring the Scourge of Coffee Stains

Many-a-day starts with a hot cup of coffee fresh off the pot. But the cup, and the pot, often emerge as casualties with the repeated cycles of the beverage. Stained and dull, coffee can undo the luster of any demitasse.

Take a wet sponge and sprinkle a tablespoon of salt on the wipe. Gently rotate across the discoloration until you can see the stain lifting. For coffee pots, load in a tray of ice cubes and a ¼ cup of salt. Swirl it around before letting it sit for half an hour. Fill with cold water, rinse and voila!

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Refresh & Rebloom your Languishing Lilies (and other Artificial Blossoms)

Synthetic flowers are often a vibrant color option for a long-lasting spruce of nature in our homes. But these ersatz gardens have a habit of becoming dust-magnets along the folds and petals.

To make your regularly scheduled dusting much easier, place your flowers in an adequately sized paper bag filled with a ½ cup of salt. Gently shake to your favorite tune and when you’re done, all bits of dirt that would previously require rigorous maneuvering would now be wiped clean.

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Sweeten Some Smelly Sneaks

Be it trainers, tennies, heels, or crocs, walking a mile or two in your shoes (especially without socks) can make that new leather smell like a carcass. Salt can act as a moisture absorber and deodorizer. Sprinkle a small bit of salt on your soles every night before bed to have fresh boots made for walking the next day.

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Unclog Your Life

When water starts to build-up in a sink without the use of a stopper, you have a clog. A blocked drain is usually the buildup of debris, gunk, and grease somewhere along the tunnel.

The practice of occasionally pouring salt down the drain along with 2 liters of boiling water is useful since salt has the feature of breaking down grease and emulsified fats. This means it can cut through the grime and continue the free-flowing journey of water. Consider this the next time you need to call a plumber.

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Defeat the Grease (Fire)

A simple miscalculation can turn a meal into a hazard….and we’re not talking about food poisoning. It doesn’t take much for a grease fire to erupt in your kitchen and if it does there are VERY specific steps that must be taken to quench the flames.

Do not use water!

Salt does not burn at any temperature we are likely to encounter in a kitchen. If a cover for the pot/pan is unavailable, you can pour salt over the flames (fistfuls and fistfuls with abandon) which should be able to smother the fire. Do not panic, keep a clear head, and be cautious!

Learn more about handling a grease Fire here!

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How do you use salt outside of the kitchen? What’s your favorite life hack using unconventional materials? Share with us via our social channels @FostersCayman on Facebook and Instagram.