Price Increase on UK Products — Foster's Supermarket

Price Increase on UK Products

Recently, we’ve seen the prices of international products from the UK rising, due to a number of factors including rising costs of manufacturing, shipping and a shortage of workers. While we’ve worked to absorbed a number of these cost increases since the pandemic started, the most recent cost increases have unfortunately led to a rise in retail prices at our stores.

The recent increases have been caused by higher manufacturing costs in addition to continued global freight cost increases. This is, in part due, to a global shortage of workers which is effecting food supply chains all over the world. Whether it’s fruit pickers, slaughterhouse workers, truckers, warehouse operators, chefs or waiters, the global food ecosystem is buckling due to a shortage of staff. (You can find out more on this here)

We will continue to review and adjust pricing across our range, to ensure we’re providing the best prices possible. However, if you see any price discrepancies, or if something seems off with our pricing, please speak with your local Foster’s Store Manager or email [email protected] with details.