Market Update: 21/08/17 — Foster's Supermarket

Market Update: 21/08/17

August 21st, 2017

Green Onions:
The past and extreme heat in the growing regions of Mexico have cause some serious supply gaps. The growth patterns have slowed to a halt as a result of the heat. The supplies for the next three weeks will be a struggle. The market has already reacted and is trending higher. There have been issues with yellow to brown tops as well.

A storm is supposed to hit lime country on Thursday. Growers won’t be able to harvest due to the rain and winds. Quality will suffer and the market will rise unless the storm doesn’t hit the lime growing region in Mexico. Current quality is good.

The hotter than normal weather in the California growing area has slowed the growth of the carrots. This combined with good demand for the jumbo sized carrot, we are seeing the jumbo market tighten up and markets are firming. We currently don’t expect any shortages or quality issues as we move forward.