Munch Munch, Back to school with the Best Lunch

Munch Munch, Crunch Crunch: Making the Best Back to School Lunch

The heralding clang of the daily noon bell is often succeeded by the triumphant jeers and clambering feet of hundreds of kids, ready to rip open their lunchboxes and begin gorging on their lovingly prepared midday meals.

For growing kids, this pitstop is more than just general nourishment. It is meant to serve as a catalyst to help their growing figures take shape; help their minds keep alert; give them the energy to push through the rest of the day without fatigue. So what are the best items to turn good and healthy into full-and-focused and how can we make lunchtime more fun? Here are some details to help you get going for Back to school!

Pack Immunity Boosters

When determining lunch and snacks, always start with the healthy portion. Pack items that can have an impact on immunity and health like leafy/green veggies, citrus, berries, seeds, etc. all contribute to brain development and health.

Try not to overload them on processed sugar or processed snacks which have the effect of making them lethargic and drained for the rest of the day.

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Protein Punch

Research has shown that kids who start the day with a nutritious breakfast and lunch packed with protein function better in school, show more alertness and have more energy.  Versatile protein (not strictly meat) cheese, eggs, peanut butter, lean meats, beans, and other legumes.

Processed meats like bacon and sausage have too much oil and fat which detracts from the value of the meal.

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Get Them Involved

Kids thrive on the power of choice. They’re traversing through a period where they are always trying to test the limits of their autonomy. Have them stand next to you and let them assist in the making of the lunch.

Simply helping package the meal and asking their opinion on things can help them feel like they are contributing and helps them learn about the nutrient components going into the meal.

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Pack Along Brain Food

Our entire body is comprised of varying layers of fat which is why it’s important to consume a lot of good fats to help manage mood, attention, and focus across the system.

It’s beneficial to add Fish or fish oil, avocados, chia seeds which are essential for brain & eye development.

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Get Festive with Lunch

Kids adore all sorts of shapes and razzmatazz to their lunch. it’s a special touch of love that makes them more engaged with you and observant of that care.

Cookie Cutters are great for cutting cute shapes in sandwiches for a little pick-me-up, or use a marker to write some positive affirmations on a banana, or use decorative clothespins and a zip lock bag to create adorable butterflies treats.

The possibilities are endless, but they will love the extra care you put in for them!

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So get your kids full and ready to tackle a whole new school year. Don’t just keep them focused, keep them determined! Food plays a HUGE role in back to school and a bigger role in their development. If they are ready to engage then so should you!

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