Skip the Sick: 5 Tips for a Healthy Back to School!

Skip the Sick: 5 tips for a Healthy Back to School

Runny noses, chesty coughs, or pesky ear and sinus infections are not what you want to be dealing with this Back to School season. Sometimes however, it seems like no matter what we do when we send our kids to school, they always come back feeling sick. But what is it about getting back behind the desk that causes students to get sick? Well, heading back to school can be a serious stress on your little one’s immune system.

Here are our top tips on how to keep your kids healthy as they get ready to go back to school:

Vitamins & Minerals

Kids need sufficient vitamins and minerals not only to grow and develop, but to strengthen their immune system and keep from getting sick. A good way to ensure that your child is getting their daily dose of all essential vitamins and minerals is by giving them a daily multi-vitamin. If that pill sounds too hard to swallow, try a gummy vitamin that will not only be easy to eat, but will taste like candy!

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Keep Hands Clean

Washing your hands has been scientifically proven to drastically reduce the chance of spreading and catching numerous types of viruses and bacteria that cause us to get sick. Make sure your kids wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitizer or wipes to keep their hands clean on the go!

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Get Enough Sleep

Kids who get enough sleep are happier, healthier, and do better in school. Remember the younger they are the more sleep they need! Sleep will help them grow, and keep their immune system functioning as intended. Reminder: 7-12 year old’s need 10-12hrs of sleep.

Get Enough Exercise

Getting sufficient exercise and spending more time outside is essential for kids to live a healthy lifestyle. Staying active will help to strengthen their immune system and prevent getting sick. An easy way to ensure your child stays active is to get them involved in sports!

Drink Plenty of Water

Proper hydration is essential for everyone, especially kids! Staying hydrated will help your children concentrate in school and be less tired. Having a high fluid intake will also help their immune system protect them from getting sick. 5-8 year old’s should be having at least 1 liter of water every day, and more as they age.

Using these simple tips, you can avoid the sneezing, coughing, and sniffling that can often accompany going back to school. Remember, our immune systems do not fully mature until we are about 7-8 years old.

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