5 Best Smoothie Benefits

Live Smoothly: Smoothie Benefits and How to Get Them

No one has ever gone wrong with a smoothie. Some frozen fruit, some nuts, some greens, some milk, and a blender. This magical concoction, often distilled in the form of verdant greens, galaxy purples, supple pinks, or brash blues, is brewed in a whirlpool of flavor and tailored to the taste of creator.

Stirred-in with each smoothie is a story that expresses a hope that we can pull from each sip a dose of nutrition meant to fill us with sustenance.

But what benefits are we hoping to receive? What can we expect from different flavors and combinations? Here are 5 of the best Smoothie benefits and the best mixings to get them.

Nourishing Nutrients

To pull the most richness from your drink, the way to start is using impactful fruits and vegetables as the primary ingredients. The inclusion of nuts, nut butter, & avocados can also give you healthy fats as well as a pinch of protein powder or spinach for the extra ‘oomph’.

Feeling Full & Curbing Cravings
A well-crafted smoothie is loaded with nutrients. A high amount of protein means you’ll have a generally long-lasting fill-up which helps curb hunger thus reducing cravings throughout the day.  Throw in bonus protein-punched ingredients like oat milk, or almonds, or flax seed or spinach to help handle the hunger.

Immunity Booster

The infusion of antioxidants and other nutrients like Beta-carotene into the smoothie mix is enough to craft a fortified elixir pulled straight from nature. Try ingredients like Mango, Pineapple, and Kiwi along with Kale and spinach for fiber and protein.

Daily Detox

A smoothie list can never be complete without mentioning a natural detoxifying blend. Trying ingredients like beets, garlic and papaya for intestinal purification can make the body feel much more effervescent.

Fabulous Fiber

Fiber is the powerhouse ingredient of a healthy and well-running digestive system. It all works best when you add high fiber elements to the smoothie mix such as berries, chia seeds, ground flaxseed, almond butter, and leafy greens.

There’s always time for a smoothie! Whether fresh and light or sweet and heavy, have a sip and everything will go smoothie.

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