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Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods are creating an alternative to meat (that tastes like meat) so we can reduce our impact for our planet. Enjoying an Impossible Foods product over a beef product can save the equivalent of 96% less land used, 87% less water and 89% fewer GHG emissions.

You can find more on their company mission here!

What is the Impossible Burger?
Plant-based products made to replicate meat, in texture & taste.
Impossible Foods took the DNA from these soy plants and inserted it into a genetically engineered yeast. They ferment this yeast (very similar to the way Belgian beer is made) to produce heme.

You can find out more on this here!

How does it taste?
Impossible foods discovered that Heme is what makes meat taste like meat. It’s an essential molecule found in every living plant and animal — most abundantly in animals. Their plant-based heme is made via fermentation of genetically engineered yeast, and safety-verified by America’s top food-safety experts and peer-reviewed academic journals.

How to cook with their products?
The good news is that the Impossible Burger cooks just like ground beef, it’s super easy!

Not sure what to cook? Impossible Foods have loads of recipes to help you get started!
Here’s just a few;
Americana Impossible Burger
Korean Impossible Tacos
Impossible Lasagna

You can now find the Impossible Burger at all Foster’s locations
in the Frozen department.

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