Super Spooky, Healthy Halloween Treats!

Super Spooky, Healthy Halloween Treats!

Trick or Treat? Halloween is a childhood favorite for two reasons – dressing up and candy! Some might even say that candy is the best part of Halloween! If your kid has a serious sweet tooth, and you are looking to avoid tummy aches or a trip to the dentist – try these super sweet, and spooky, Halloween healthy candy alternatives!

Here are some alternatives to Halloween candy that will help you Live Well!

Poisson Candy Apple

Take a bite… if you dare! Caramel plus black food coloring lends these candy apples a fun, yet spooky appearance. Enjoy making these with your kids and getting them to eat more fruit!

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Cheese Monsters

Babybel Cheese, a pair of scissors, and googly eyes! That’s all you need to conjure up these cheesy, yet spooky, healthy Halloween treats!

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Banana Ghost & Mummy Popsicles

Scary easy! Cut out your bananas and dip them in yogurt before freezing. Decorate with chocolate chip eyes and drizzle on peanut butter Mummy wraps!

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Green Apple Goblins

Transform boring apple slices into super healthy green apple goblins. Some sticky peanut butter topped with a strawberry slice tongue gives these goblins a silly expression your kids will love!

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Halloween treats can be interesting and fun without giving your kids a serious case of sugar rush! A little imagination and creativity goes a long way when we are trying to Live Well!

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