Greens Week — Foster's Supermarket

Greens Week

This week we’re talking all things fresh and healthy!
We’ve selected a range of produce from local veg, fruit that you may not be that familiar with, and some everyday favorites. We then paired them with some unique recipes to help you get creative in the kitchen.

Local Veg


This popular Caribbean leafy green, has a slightly bitter flavor with a nutty undertone.
It’s perfect when added to this Pan Seared Fish Recipe.

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Tanya’s Kitchen


Our local eggplant is as fresh as you can get, and is great in this Spicy Szechuan Eggplant Recipe!

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Feasting at Home.


Our local microgreens from Rootz HotHouse are organic, non-GMO and full of nutrients. We’re loving them with this Pesto and Egg Recipe (which can be enjoyed any time of the day!)

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Feed Feed.

Unique Fruit

Red Banana

Red bananas are shorter, plumper and heartier than the average banana, and their flavor is sweet and creamy with raspberry highlights. This making them perfect for this Red Banana Pineapple Bread recipe! Just make sure they’re as ripe and sweet as possible.

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Serious Eats.

Star Fruit

A tropical fruit, with a tart, sour taste. To some, it tastes like a combination of apple, pear & grape; however, if they’re unripe they’ll be firmer and sour.
So what should you do with them? We love this recipe for Keto Star Fruit Chips, the perfect crispy treat.

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Keto Vegetarian Recipes.


Persimmons are an edible fruit that grow on trees. At its peak they taste sweet, mild, and rich, some people describe them as having a honey-like flavor.
If this sounds like your sort of thing, then let’s get cooking!
Steamed Persimmon Pudding

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Martha Stewart.

Everyday Faves, Done Different


A risotto with banana? Yes! This recipe has tofu, sugar snap peas and banana, and makes for a tasty combination of vegetables with fruit and rice.

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Vegalicious Recipes.


Now this is broccoli done differently!
Broccoli Crust Pizza similar to the trendy cauliflower crust pizza, but this recipe is gluten free and low carb!

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Gimme Delicious.


Pickled zucchini? Yes, you heard correctly!
Perfectly paired with potatoes and steak any night of the week.

Find the recipe here! Inspired by Natasha’s Kitchen.

Have you got any great unique recipes? We’d love to hear from you!
Message us via our social channels with your recipe, @fosterscayman