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Stay Full for Longer

Food consumption plays a big part in our daily lives and affects an array of aspects in our lives, from our weight to how well we sleep. This blog takes a look at which foods are high in protein and help us to feel full for longer, to feel better and snack less!

Fulfilling Snacks

Sometimes we are forced to snack, whether we missed a meal or need a little boost during a long day. These snacks will fuel your day and won’t leave you craving more!

Nuts are an energy-dense, nutrient rich snack option that will fill you up. They are also high in healthy fats & proteins which stops any unwanted cravings.

Most of the Eggs nutrients are found in the Yolk while the egg whites is packed with protein and contains all nine essential amino acids.

Cottage Cheese is comparable to eggs in terms of fullness, as it is high in protein and low in fats & carbs, keeping you full for hours

Greek Yogurt is a popular, high protein breakfast and snack. Increasing the feeling of fullness and helping you to feel less hungry.

Popcorn?! Yep.. Popcorn!
Popcorn may be low in energy density but its high in fiber, with 1 gram of fiber every cup, it’s sure to fill you up.

So whether you are trying to lose weight, spend less money on food or feel energized throughout the day, these energy packed snacks will fuel your journey!