Buy, Eat, Reuse, Repeat - Yoplait Oui — Foster's Supermarket

Buy, Eat, Reuse, Repeat – Yoplait Oui

Reusing and recycling have never been more important, especially for our island.  So with the arrival of the Yoplait Oui yogurt range at Foster’s, we thought we’d suggest ways to reuse these glass jars at home.

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Succulent Planter-1. Create succulent planters

Whether it’s fake or the real deal, these jars are perfect for planting a small succulent in.

For a living plant, all you need are;

  • A few small rocks (for drainage)
  • A small amount of potting soil
  • And, your plant!

Add each to the jar, in the above order and voila!

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Seeds

2. Storing snacks

Leftover snacks? Snacks for the office? Or just a cool way to display food in the kitchen?

Reusing these jars for food not only looks good but makes complete sense (considering it initially held delicious yogurt!).

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Candles

3. Make your own tealight candle holder

Love candles? Well, you can reuse these jars, to get the glow you crave.  Once you’ve cleaned the jar, just add a tealight candle, and you’re done.  You can even add coffee beans or sand to the jar, for a different look!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can also make your own candle, good luck!


4. Summer smoothies

These jars are sure to give you a unique way to serve up a drink.

All you need to do is clean the jars, and you have the perfect ‘Mason Jar’ inspired glasses for your favorite summer smoothie.

Now that’s easy!

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Paperclips

5. For storing your favorite stationery

Does your desk need a little more love? These jars are the perfect way to add some personality to your workspace.

You could use it to store, pens, paperclips, whatever!

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Scrub

6. DIY sugar scrub

After indulging your inner foodie (with this delicious yogurt), why not nourish your skin, by creating your very own sugar scrub!  It’s super easy, and only requires a couple of ingredients.

Click here for information on how to do it yourself!

Grocery-Repurposing-Yoplait Oui-Vase-Flowers

7. Use as a small vase

Maybe you’ve picked a few small flowers from the garden or received them as a gift.  Either way, these jars are perfectly suited to display your floral arrangement.