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Back to School Ready!

This year, it’s easy to be back to school ready, with Foster’s!
Our back to school blog has helpful tips, product suggestions and lunch inspo to get everyone ready for the school year ahead.

Back to School Tips

Get the whole family into a routine
– Plan a consistent time for studying
– It’s recommended that students study a little every day, rather than cramming before a quiz (this will help them retain information longer)
– Have a sleep schedule (start this a week or 2 before school goes back)

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Sunday’s are for meal prep!
– Make a week’s worth of sandwiches on Sunday, wrap in foil or plastic wrap and freeze. Then thaw them the night before.
Fillings that work great when frozen include, canned salmon or tuna, cooked chopped chicken, ham, turkey, salami, Nutella, most nut butters, cream cheese, mayonnaise & jam.
However it’s best to avoid fresh tomato, lettuce, egg, fresh vegetables and most other salad ingredients. Also – make sure you use fresh bread, and steer clear of wraps and tortillas.
– Whilst you’re prepping lunches, what about dinner? Make it easy for yourself and plan out the week’s meals.

Change up their school snacks, with yogurts (dairy & dairy-free), fruit bars and Niman Ranch snack packs.

Are we all ready for school?
– In the lead up to the first day back, have positive conversations about returning to school. It’s been quite a while, so even the most confident kid, may be feeling somewhat anxious.
– Talk about lunch – include some of their favorite foods for the first few days back, whilst still keeping it healthy.
– Discuss routine – the ‘normal’ school routine hasn’t been a thing in our lives for some time now, so it’s important everyone knows what the plan is. This includes extracurricular activities, like sport, music programs or dance classes.

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Lunch Inspo

In an ideal world we’d include vegetables, fruits, protein, grains and dairy in each meal we send off with our kids everyday. However we know that’s not always possible. But by including as many of those food groups as possible, we’re setting them up with a well-balanced, energy full lunch.

When planning your kids lunches, consider the following foods;
– Beans
– Lentils
– Lean, low-sodium deli meats, such as turkey and chicken breast
– Water-packed tuna fish
– Hard-boiled eggs
– Hummus
– Cucumbers
– Peppers (in a variety of colors!)
– Cherry tomatoes
– Carrots
– Snow peas
– Green beans
– Natural fruit sauces, such as applesauce
– Dehydrated or dried fruits
– Grapes
– Kiwi 
– Strawberries
– Cooked pasta
– Pita bread
– Tortillas
– Pretzels
– Light popcorn
– Rice cakes
– Low-fat cheese slices or cheese sticks
– Greek yogurt
– Low-fat veggie dips


Wagon Wheel Pasta Salad

Inspired by

This easy salad lunch recipe only takes 20 minutes to prepare, and is disguised to look less healthy that it is, so even the fussiest eater will enjoy it!
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Fruity Chicken Balls

Inspired by

Now this will be a kids lunch box favorite, taking only 25 minutes to make 25 balls, you can freeze them for meals throughout the week.
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Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls

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This lunchbox-ready recipe is packed with veggies and cheese, keeping it super nutritious and super yummy!
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Hummus Avocado Wrap

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Hummus and avocado, could a school lunch get any better? Quick, easy & healthy, this is a go-to lunch for us!
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