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5 Ways To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

It’s that time of the year again to indulge.

However, you’ve worked hard to get yourself fit and healthy throughout the year. So here are some tips to help you keep feeling good through the festive season.

Smart Food Choices

It feels as though we have Christmas parties every second day and they’re full of indulgent options, so there will be times when you are not in control of what’s on offer. However, you have the option to plan your food choices every other time. If you have a Christmas party in the evening, have lean and nutritious meals and snacks during the day. If you’re able to eat well for most meals, then the few meals that you have out won’t have such a big impact.


Know Your Weakness!

We all have that one food that we have a big soft spot for. Be that something sweet or salty, the important thing is to know it. Keep consumption of it a level you’re happy with, and then ensure you can offset it with something healthy in your next meal.

Keep Active!

At this time of the year the weather if perfect for outdoor exercise, so keep it up! Whether that’s jogging, running, swimming or whatever! If the gym is more your thing, then keep at it. You’ll feel better indulging if you know you’ve worked for it.


Choose Wisely!

When celebrating, choose healthier side dishes (this is the one thing that you usually have a choice in). Pick raw or steamed veggies or salads, with your turkey or ham. Fried or heavy sides may be tempting, but a plate full of color will keep you feeling fresh.

Stay Hydrated

This last tip goes for any time of the year but keeping hydrated will help you stay feeling fresh and reduce the feeling of hunger (as dehydration can be mistake for hunger). Still or sparkling water is best, but a smoothie or juice with fresh produce is still a good option when you need something different.